Thursday, June 20, 2024
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From morning tea to captivating storytelling

In the bustling city of Abu Dhabi, where tall buildings touch the sky and dreams are as high as the famous landmarks, Thulasi Anilkumar’s day begins with a comforting cup of tea. An educated homemaker, she spends most of her time cooking, cleaning, and caring for her home, much like many others. Yet, within the rhythm of her daily routine, a remarkable story was waiting to unfold.

One day, her close friend invited Thulasi to join as a storyteller on Pens & Scrolls Publishing House’s YouTube channel. Motivated by the desire to break free from the monotony of her daily life, Thulasi reflected on her past when she used to read stories to her only daughter, Alakananda. Despite initial hesitation, due to her love for the world of books and Malayalam novels, Thulasi eventually agreed to narrate her stories for a broader audience.

She started her YouTube journey by narrating Panchatantra tales, adding an extra layer of charm to her storytelling repertoire. With some initial uncertainty but a glimmer of hope, Thulasi embarked on this new adventure. To her surprise, the online world warmly welcomed her stories. The process of storytelling demanded courage, but Thulasi found herself soaring with the support of her imagination. Whether weaving humorous narratives or sharing poignant ones, she possessed a unique talent for keeping her audience captivated.

Delving into the details of characters and their stories, Thulasi’s storytelling transcended the ordinary. It wasn’t complicated, yet it held the power to transport her listeners to another world.
Today, Thulasi stands proudly at the forefront of the storytelling world. The positive feedback from her listeners has not only boosted her confidence but propelled her to new heights. What began as a hidden talent in an Abu Dhabi homemaker has evolved into a source of inspiration for many, bringing light to the lives of those who may have felt unknown and stuck.

Thulasi Anilkumar’s success story underscores the profound impact of following one’s passions and staying determined. Her journey serves as a reminder that within the routine lives of individuals, there are unique talents waiting to be discovered. As Thulasi continues to share her stories and bring joy to her audience, she stands as living proof of the untapped potential that exists within each of us.

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