Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Exhilarating speed: Supercars blaze through Delhi-Mumbai expressway at up to 260kmph, emulating GP style.

NHAI officials are expressing concern over the high speeds of some vehicles on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, exceeding 200 kph. To address this issue, NHAI has initiated speed control measures on the 246km Sohna-Dausa stretch, aiming to prevent accidents. A recent survey revealed that luxury and sports cars frequently surpassed the 120 kph limit on this expressway, with approximately 600 such instances daily.

NHAI officials installed high-speed detecting automatic numberplate cameras every kilometer along the road, catching these violations. Shockingly, 40 vehicles were recorded exceeding 180 kph, with one hitting an astonishing 249 kph. This raised eyebrows among NHAI officials.

The Delhi-Mumbai Motorway sees an average of 22,000 vehicles daily, a number on the rise. To curb speeding, NHAI plans to connect its accident database with Haryana traffic police headquarters in Karnal, allowing for data sharing and enforcement of speed limits for legal action, says Mukesh Kumar Meena, project director for the Delhi-Mumbai Motorway (Sohna-Dausa section).

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