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Exclusive! Tabu: My relationship with Ajay Devgn has been very strong since 2015.

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Tabu has been unstoppable in recent years. Yes, the actress has appeared in a variety of films across genres, but more importantly, she has appeared in some of the most successful films in recent memory. She doesn’t go around town bragging about it, but her work does. Tabu, who plays tough IPS officer Diana Joseph in Bholaa, which was released last week, shares screen space with her friend and frequent co-star Ajay Devgn. In an interview with Bombay Times, she discusses how comfortable it is to be directed by him, how she plays several cop characters differently, and why she doesn’t feel the need to brag about her box office success.

Ajay Devgn told us in an interview that the key to remaking a film is choosing a story idea and adapting it. In the 2019 Tamil film Kaithi, a male actor played the role you played (of which this is a remake). How much of an impact do you believe that has had on the film?

It’s the most noticeable difference because there’s a gender shift. The nuances are different because it is a female character. The equation between Bholaa and my character is exactly the same as it was in the original, with the exception that she is a female cop. One of the most difficult aspects of my role was that my arm was in a sling throughout the film, which limited my movements. So the scenes that required me to run, fall, and get on a truck were difficult because you are not as agile with one hand. We had a fantastic 1000-person crew, some of whom had known Ajay for decades. As a result, I knew mujhe yeh log sambhal lenge.I didn’t have to be extra cautious. I’ve spent many years working with that action team. I had worked with Ajay’s father during Prem (action director Veeru Devgan).

Tabu reveals how longtime pal Ajay Devgn was another person helming 'Bholaa'

You’ve collaborated with Ajay on numerous films and have known each other for many years. So, do you understand how to work with and around him by now, without much explanation?

Yes, I know exactly what he wants. I’m familiar with his moods, personality, and rhythm. I know him as a person — his likes and dislikes, how he functions, and what he wants to convey despite the fact that he doesn’t use many words to do so. It is simple to collaborate with him. When he is tense or relaxed, I know when to leave him alone. Isiliye shayad mujhe lag nahi raha hai ki maine kisi director ke saath kaam kiya hai, and it was also fun because he was acting in the film. We’ve done a lot of work as actors. We were paired in each film in an interesting way in recent times (films like De De Pyaar De, Golmaal Again, and the Drishyam franchise), and our journey has been very strong since 2015. It occupies its own solid space. I believe these films have helped us get along well.

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After Drishyam and Kuttey, we get to see you as a cop again in Bholaa. What draws you to these strong female characters in uniform?

Filmmakers approached me with these roles in the hopes that I would be good at them, and I have enjoyed playing them. Aside from the fact that they were cop roles, I liked them. She is a woman, and being a cop is just one aspect of her job. Many other factors influence her behaviour, and these factors shape who she is on screen. These were some fun features to experiment with. These three films were so dissimilar that you were automatically cast in multiple roles. Pammi of Kuttey is not like Meera Deshmukh of Drishyam, nor is Diana Joseph of Bholaa like the other two.

Last year, you hit the jackpot at the box office with Drishyam 2 and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. While most actors would be proud of this accomplishment, you enjoy it in your own way (presumably quietly) and move on to the next.

Everyone said it (that the films were successful and profitable), so why should I bring it up? Is it true that Mere nahi bolne se thodi na woh fact chhup gaya? Dekho, aapko chup baith jaana chahiye, duniya koi cheez bolti hain na. Everyone else was doing the work for me, so why should I (laughs!) do so much mehenat? Toh apne seniority ka faida hona chahiye na, ki mujhe ab zaroorat nahi hai bolne ki. Mujhe pehle zaroorat mehsoos nahi hoti thi, but abhi doosron ko bolne do yaar, apna kaam kar diya. In the end, people should do what they enjoy and what truly reflects their personality. I have always been like this. It’s not like main suddenly aise ban gayi hoon.

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