Thursday, June 20, 2024

Embracing Individuality

In 2023, pop culture witnessed significant moments, with diverse trends shaping the fashion landscape. Reflecting the fusion of emotions, cultures, and history, these trends set the stage for potential fashion goals in the coming year for both men and women.

Fashion, as always, remains a personal expression influenced by taste and affordability. Kanika Vohra, co-founder of ICH NEXT, anticipates a revival of yesteryear styles such as Aba Kurtas, cuffed Kaftans, the Jeliga, and mixed-match Kutch embroideries. For women, Oriental florals, Persian Isfahan, Abadeh, and African adinkra patterns may dominate, while men could explore Oriental architecture, Tribal motifs, and monumental rugs.

Vohra suggests that saturated tones of berry and purple complemented by rustic colors like ginger and almond, adorned with hints of zari, will trend during the festive season. Looking ahead, she predicts the prominence of raw pepper, turmeric, ragi brown, earthen silver, azurite, peach quartz, and mitti red as hot topics in the fashion world.

Leena Singh, founder and designer of Ashima Leena, foresees a fashion landscape free of policing in the new year. Emphasizing individuality, she notes a growing desire to stand out from the crowd. Using the example of saree draping, Singh highlights the trend of styling it in diverse ways, breaking away from conventional draping methods.

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