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Dubai’s longest cantilever and infinity pool

Dubai continues its trend of architectural marvels with the inauguration of One Za’abeel, a pair of twin skyscrapers boasting the world’s longest cantilever building. Situated atop this groundbreaking structure is the United Arab Emirates’ longest suspended infinity pool, stretching an impressive 120 meters (393 feet) in length.

Dubai's Under Construction One Za'abeel Tower Holds the Longest Cantilever in the World | ArchDaily

A cantilever, characterized by its single-point connection and horizontal projection, defines the structure of “The Link,” extending 67.5 meters (221 feet) over the city. This architectural feat, spearheaded by Nikken Sekkei Dubai, provides a unique space for shared amenities and leisure activities within the luxury development.

Highest outdoor infinity pool sets new record in Dubai at 964ft | Guinness World Records

“The Link” not only serves as a connection between the towers but also addresses the logistical challenge posed by a six-lane highway dividing the site. Negotiating the use of space above and below the road, developers ingeniously integrated a shopping mall beneath the highway and “The Link” above, seamlessly connecting the towers.

At 100 meters (328 feet) above ground level, “The Link” offers panoramic views of the city and beyond, aptly reflecting the Arabic term “Za’abeel,” meaning the white sands of the region. This elevated vantage point, complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows, presents a stunning vista across Dubai’s skyline and desert landscape.

The pool is 100 meters off the ground — with nothing but a six-lane highway below.

The cantilever’s significance extends beyond its social space; its design contributes to the structural integrity of the towers. By leaning the towers slightly outward, the weight of “The Link” reinforces the overall stability of the buildings, as explained by Fadi Jabri, CEO of Nikken Sekkei Dubai.

Constructing “The Link” was no small feat, weighing close to 10,000 tons and requiring meticulous planning and execution. The project involved lifting eight sections into place with cranes over three days, necessitating intermittent closures of the highway below. Despite initial delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the $1 billion development now stands as a testament to Dubai’s commitment to architectural innovation and luxury living.

The Link, Dubai: The UAE's longest suspended infinity pool just opened on the world's longest cantilever building | CNN

Tourists and residents alike can now experience the allure of the UAE’s longest suspended infinity pool, perched high above the bustling cityscape. Equipped with temperature regulation and underwater speakers, this breathtaking attraction offers a one-of-a-kind swimming experience amidst the clouds, symbolizing Dubai’s boundless ambition and ingenuity.


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