Dr.Nandakumar is a man of impeccable educational  credentials, an upright police officer  whose morale  was always high,having  categorical views on life, religion,  politics  personal  relationships. He has a unique  trait of maintaining his cool, irrespective of circumstances– a sterling mindset that strives to  give his best,  expecting little  in return  , an intriguing  mix of frugality and magnanimity,  for whom failure is just an initial  step towards  success.

Gaining  tutelage in the traditional  setting of  North Malabar , he developed an unquenching urge for acquiring  knowledge  in  multifarious  facets of the  universe . With a  service  spanning  over 30 years in the Kerala Police,  in investigation of sensational  criminal cases,  traffic  management,  design  and enforcement  , he proved  his  mettle with flying  colours.  He helmed the KGS group of companies, as managing director  of TELK, Norka Roots, Matsyafed, Kerala State SC / ST Federation, and Metropolitan  Engineering  Company. His expertise  and exemplary  service gained him 85 good service  entries,  2 meritorious  entries and the Police  Medal from the President of India.