Thursday, June 20, 2024

Dawood Ibrahim alive, Aide confirms

Chhota Shakeel, a trusted aide of Dawood Ibrahim, has debunked rumors circulating on social media about the notorious gangster’s demise, confirming that Dawood is alive and in good health. The fake news falsely claimed that Dawood had been rushed to the hospital after being poisoned, supported by fabricated screenshots from an account purported to belong to Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister.

Born to a police constable, Dawood Ibrahim gained notoriety as a drug mafia with a significant empire in Dubai and Karachi. The D-Company, led by Dawood, is alleged to operate a parallel economy in Pakistan and has extensive connections across India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Over the years, the D-Company has expanded its investments into legal businesses, amassing assets valued at over Rs 1 lakh crore in various currencies. Despite persistent reports and speculations regarding his whereabouts, Dawood has maintained a low profile. In 2017, a call made to Dawood in Karachi led to a confirmation of his presence, though he attempted to divert the caller’s identity by handing the phone to another individual. Recent allegations have raised concerns about potential links between the owners of the Mahadev app and Dawood Ibrahim.

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