Thursday, June 20, 2024

Da Eun hints dating with Jimin

If you’re a fan of BTS dating life drama, you’re likely aware of the ongoing debate within the fandom about South Korean actress Song Da Eun and BTS’s Jimin. Over the past two years, rumors of a potential romantic relationship between the two have surfaced repeatedly, with fans analyzing their similar social media activities. Recently, these speculations have intensified as Song Da Eun, known for her role in “The Handmaiden,” posted a significant update on social media, sparking reactions and backlash from fans.

Speculations about Song Da Eun and Jimin’s relationship began in the summer of 2022, when a now-deleted Pann Nate post shared a 12-piece collection of evidence suggesting they were dating. These photos showed both Jimin and Song Da Eun at the same locations, wearing similar accessories, and recommending the same movies. One picture revealed that they both attended a soccer game on her birthday, while another highlighted their shared love for peonies and rubber trees.

The “Can’t Live Without Losing” actress has consistently denied any personal connection with the K-pop star, stating that she doesn’t personally know Jimin and assuring fans that she is not romantically involved with the BTS member. However, her recent Instagram update has left fans fuming.

She shared a photo of two cases, likely for earbuds, with the names “Jimin” on one and “Da Eun” on the other. This post confused many and led some to accuse the actress of seeking attention by trying to capitalize on the name of the “Promise” singer. Additionally, netizens pointed out several other videos where the actress appeared to hint at dating Jimin.

In one video, she shared a clip of a person walking by the Brooklyn Park Pier, covering their face with a flower emoji. Fans quickly noticed the similarity to a video posted by V last year featuring Jimin. In another video, she posted a picture of her dog playing in an apartment that looked remarkably similar to Jimin’s.

One fan criticized the actress, suggesting, “If she genuinely cares for him, she wouldn’t be so blatant about it. She comes across as seeking attention.” Another remarked, “Those in the know are aware. She’s essentially moved into his residence due to his mandatory military service.”

Another observer noted, “Take a look at her Instagram. She obscured his face with a sticker, but it’s unmistakably Jimin. She’s really craving attention.” Expressing concern, another individual commented, “Song Daeun appears to be struggling mentally right now. Her actions resemble those of a former girlfriend desperate for attention from her ex to reconcile. I understand her perspective, but her behavior is chaotic. It’s as though she’s lost control.”

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