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“Controversy Unveiled: ‘Flush’ Set to Make Waves in Theaters”

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Kochi: A press conference held in Kochi saw the announcement made by Bina Kasim, the producer of the film “Flush,” directed by Aisha Sultana. The film is scheduled to release on the 16th of this month. Recently, the film has been surrounded by numerous controversies. Aisha Sultana, the film’s director, had accused the producer, who also happens to be the wife of the general secretary of BJP’s Lakshadweep unit, of obstructing the film due to its critical references towards the central government and the BJP.

In response to these allegations, Producer Bina Kasim addressed the media during the press conference. Bina Kasim stated, “As the wife of the BJP Lakshadweep unit general secretary, I made the decision to fund Aisha Sultana’s story. The intention behind this was to encourage a girl from Lakshadweep to venture into the field of directing for the first time. Moreover, as a woman, I aimed to bring forth a film centered around women and the challenges they face in society.”

Subsequently, during the film’s editing process in Kochi, I had the opportunity to preview a small segment of the film. Later on, at the Women’s Film Festival in Kozhikode, I watched the complete version of my film, “Flush,” and realized that Aisha had incorporated several elements into the film that significantly deviated from the original story I was told. I believe Aisha deliberately intended to harm me by injecting unnecessary political animosity into a film I had financially supported with good intentions. This disagreement between the director and me originated from this matter, and Aisha Sultana proceeded to defame my husband and me through social media and the press. At that time, we chose not to respond.

Aisha, who had received substantial financial backing from us, is now refusing to allow the release of “Flush,” an anti-BJP film that criticizes the BJP. It is disheartening to witness Aisha tarnishing our image before society, disregarding the challenges we faced. Consequently, I felt compelled to address the media today.

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In reality, we had already finalized the film’s release. Despite Aisha Sultana being well aware of this fact, I fail to comprehend why she is instigating controversies once again. Nonetheless, the movie is scheduled to be released on the 16th of this month.

This is not a personal attack against Aisha Sultana. Let the audience watch the movie and judge for themselves whether Aisha’s claims hold any validity. The film will be presented to the public, allowing them to form their own opinions. Bina Kasim emphasized during the press conference. Additionally, ATBTK also attended the event.

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