Christmas eve tourism boom follows Himachal floods

Responding to the mountains’ call, lakhs of tourists have flocked to Himachal Pradesh for Christmas and New Year celebrations. The state is witnessing a surge in tourist numbers, especially at the 9.2 km-long Atal Tunnel Rohtang. Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu welcomed the substantial influx, noting that around 65,000 tourists and over 12,000 vehicles were recorded at Atal Tunnel on December 24.

Acknowledging the efficient management by the district administration and police officials, CM Sukhu expressed gratitude and praised their efforts in handling the rush. Despite the recent disaster impact, Himachal is recovering and actively embracing tourists for festive celebrations. The district police have implemented special arrangements, including CCTV surveillance and drone monitoring, to ensure the safety and orderly movement of visitors during Christmas. However, vehicular movement faced challenges on Saturday due to fresh snowfall near the Atal Tunnel.

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