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ChatGPT: A Game-Changer for the Travel Sector ?

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is an extremely powerful natural language and response processing tool that makes it a game changer in chatbot technology.

Sanjeeb Patel, Director – Software Engineering, Sabre India

The development of technology has ushered in a new era where searching and searching for information is no longer the norm. Welcome to the Train & Tell era, where the goal is to create a more human conversation with an intelligent machine. The tool’s ability to truly understand the user is becoming increasingly important as it allows for deeper engagement and a more personalized experience. With the ability to understand a person’s likes and dislikes, mood and tone of voice, technology is now able to engage in a more meaningful dialogue with users.

Many AI-enabled models have emerged in recent years that do the job very well, e.g. and they are still evolving at a fast pace. unimaginable speed. Take for example the new talk in town: ChatGPT, an NLP-powered chatbot that went from unknown to a million subscribers in a very short space of time.

Everything You Need to Know About ChatGPT

ChatGPT can have wide ranging applications for the Travel industry:

Travel Planning/Trip Planning: ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way travelers plan their trips. It can help customers createbespoketravelplans with minimal effort and research. I personally tried itoutover a weekend thatincluded a visittothe casino with friends, a cheap hotel stay and a few other activities, and the itinerary created by ChatGPT was perfect!He seemed to understand the nuances of my needs and preferenceswhichmade the planning process much more efficient. Thistechnologycantake the entire booking and planning process, including finding flights, hotels, carrentals and providing advice and recommendations, to a new level.It can transform the way we planand book our travel, making it more efficient, easier and more enjoyable.

Post-Booking Support:Providing  post-booking assistance e.g. B. Assistance with flight and hotel confirmations, itinerary changes, travel document and visa requirements, travel insurance and claims processing requirements, etc. and leverage the breadth of a travel company.

This can allay any concerns a customer might have after the booking process.

Customer Service:By effectively handling customer queries and providing answers to frequently asked questions, ChatGPT can help reduce the workload of customer service teams and improve customer service overall due to its ability to store and learn from past conversations. With your ability to understand natural language and provide personalized responses, you can offer your customers a more efficient and effective self-service option. You can practice using emotions to respond with empathy and understanding in situations where a client is upset or frustrated. This can help resolve issues faster, saving time and effort for both the customer and the customer service representative.

Virtual Guide: It might serve as a virtual guide for tourists. ChatGPT can give travelers comprehensive information about their destination, including weather, customs, the best time to visit, popular tourist attractions, local cuisines, etc. thanks to its extensive knowledge base. This can aid travelers in making more informed travel plans, maximizing their time, and avoiding any potential pitfalls. Imagine always having a personal tour guide by your side!

Review & Ratings:By exposing it to a dataset of hotel reviews during training, it can be used to combine and summarize reviews (of lodging, attractions, etc.).When the model is trained, it can produce a summary of the reviews by identifying recurring themes and opinions. The model can also be adjusted to forecast a hotel’s rating based on the reviews it has received.

Content Production:It can be used to condense travel-related news and articles, and it is very helpful for producing interesting and educational content for customers. The model can learn the language and tone used in the industry by being trained on a dataset of current travel package descriptions and other related content. As a result, the model can increase the precision and efficacy of the generated descriptions by learning the language and tone used in the industry.

Content Aggregation:In the hotel industry, data consolidation is a significant challenge, especially for aggregators who must manage sizable amounts of data from various sources.The issue is that due to content variations, it can be challenging to distinguish and combine information when the same hotel content is received from multiple providers. However, ChatGPT can provide a solution to this issue by quickly identifying duplicate content and consolidating it into a single unique ID thanks to its advanced language consolidation and summarization capabilities.

Increased Market Reach:By utilizing its seamless language translation capability, ChatGPT has the potential to significantly expand the reach of travel companies.It can assist travel agents in reaching new markets and expanding their customer base while significantly reducing their opex costs because it can comprehend and respond to customer inquiries in multiple languages, just like a human translator.

Upselling / Cross-Selling:It can be utilized as a tool to assist in cross-selling and upselling in the travel sector.The model can offer individualized recommendations for additional services and products that might be of interest to the customer by examining customer interactions and preferences. Based on the customer’s interests and budget, ChatGPT can analyze their conversation and make suggestions for activities, sightseeing, dining, and other options. There are numerous other instances where it can glean insightful information from the conversation itself.

And many more:Additional potential uses for ChatGPT include travel marketing, event planning, fraud detection, training for travel agents, and many more.It can also be modified to serve as a virtual shopping assistant for tourists, offering advice and suggestions for both local and online shopping.

Although ChatGPT has a wide range of potential uses in the travel sector, some critics are dubious of the hype surrounding the technology. They contend that the travel industry is very dynamic, with constant changes in inventory, prices, and other availability factors. They contend that for a chatbot like ChatGPT to access real-time data and be helpful for travel planning, it would need to be integrated with a dynamic framework. Others may argue that it is merely programmed to produce words in response to input and is incapable of understanding the true meaning of those words. A lot of people have also brought up the conversation’s ethical issues. Others, however, contend that there are a variety of potential applications.

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By Sanjeeb Patel, Director – Software Engineering, Sabre India

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