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Brio League Centre for Holistic Nutrition and Fitness: hosting an expert talk on *a wide range of sexual health issues*

Empowering Sexual Health: Unveiling the Taboos and Nurturing Knowledge for a Holistic Lifestyle

Brio League Centre for Holistic Nutrition and Fitness,* as part of its quarterly meet up, is organising an expert talk on *wide ranging issues related to Sexual Health.* We picked this topic in the context of the statistics derived from the Screening we conduct as part of Lifestyle Interventional assessment. When lack of sex education in Kerala has a lot to do with the taboo associated with it, we are trying to address *sexuality in general and aspects relevant to every phase of the human life cycle with emphasis on youth, middle aged and issues faced by them*

Sexual health education programme conducted in Rajasthan's Dholpur holds  lessons for entire nation

Brio League is privileged to have *Dr.Ajith Chakravarthy, Senior Consultant, Sexual and Reproductive Medicine, Trivandrum Medical College*, a member in their Panel of Experts, as the speaker.

It will be a *one hour offline session from 12.00 pm to 1.00 p.m on 28th May 2023 in Hotel KKM International, Thycaud.*

Considering the growing significance of mental health outcomes due to poor sexual health mostly associated with misconduct and cohabiting relationships becoming more popular, we thought that picking this topic would help the community gain necessary knowledge and confidence in dealing with any challenges that they come across.

*If you are interested or you know anyone who might benefit by attending the talk, please contact 9947961412.*

There will be a nominal fee of Rs.100/- for attending the Expert Talk Session and Rs.650/- for talk + lunch.


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