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Boney Kapoor on Sridevi and first wife

Boney Kapoor Reveals Candid Details About Relationship with Sridevi and Honesty Towards First Wife Mona Shourie.In a recent interview, renowned producer Boney Kapoor opened up about his relationship with the late legendary actor Sridevi and his honesty towards his first wife, Mona Shourie. Kapoor acknowledged feelings of guilt for falling in love with Sridevi while still being married to Mona, shedding light on the dynamics of his personal life.

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Kapoor shared an anecdote from his past, recalling how his mother noticed his affection for Sridevi. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Kapoor’s mother presented a puja plate with a Rakhi to Sridevi, suggesting she tie it on him. Kapoor humorously mentioned that Sridevi didn’t quite grasp the significance of the ritual.

Despite his marital status, Kapoor emphasized that he maintained transparency with Mona regarding his feelings for Sridevi. He confessed to feeling guilty about the situation but highlighted his honesty with Mona. Kapoor revealed that Mona was well aware of his emotions towards Sridevi, even before their marriage. He recounted instances where Sridevi had stayed in their house prior to their marriage, indicating the depth of their relationship.

Kapoor’s marriage to Mona lasted from 1983 to 1996, following which he tied the knot with Sridevi in the same year. From his marriage to Mona, Kapoor shares two children – Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. With Sridevi, they welcomed their daughters Janhvi Kapoor in 1997 and Khushi Kapoor in 2000.

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The interview offers a glimpse into Kapoor’s personal life, showcasing his candid reflections on his relationships and the complexities surrounding them.

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