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Rising India: Bomman-Bellie of The Elephant Whisperers discuss how life changed after the Oscars and how more people are requesting selfies.

Rising India: The Elephant Whisperers' Bomman-Bellie Reveal Life After Oscar  Is Changed, People Now Ask For Selfies

Bomman and Bellie of the Elephant Whisperers joined the News18 Rising India Conference on March 29 via video call. The pair reaffirmed during the discussion that they did not anticipate receiving an Oscar for their documentary. Bomman remarked, “Thanks to Guneet because of her people know about us.

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The pair also discussed how their lives have changed after winning the historic Oscar and how many people now ask them to take selfies. “People are beginning to recognise us. Selfies with us are becoming more and more popular “they claimed.

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Bomman also remarked during the conversation that The Elephant Whisperers is to thank for making people aware of how challenging it is to nurture a young elephant. “Even if your family needs you, you can’t go because a baby elephant needs to be taken care of, “he explained”.

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The News18 Rising India Summit participant Guneet Monga agreed, stating, “We did a press conference in Mumbai, and it’s difficult for them. They are so many there that the woodland is beautiful.

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