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‘Best Climax I Wrote In My Career’-director Nandini Reddy

Nandini Reddy, the director of Oh! Baby, is back with Anni Manchi Sakunamule. Nandini worked for over four years to complete the picture. Nandini is pleased with how the film turned out.

“The climax of Anni Manchi Sakunamule is the best climax I have written in my career,” Nandini comments. The final 20 minutes of the film will be memorable. I’m looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts to these segments.”

The film is set in the village of Victoriapuram and focuses around a coffee estate and a feud between two families. Nandini claims that the plot has evolved and progressed successfully throughout the years. Nandini adores Santosh Sobhan and Malvika Nair. She claims the couple excelled at their art and brought the roles to life. According to the director, she firmly adhered to the plot and did what the story needed. Nandini claims she has no extra dialogue or scenes. She credits the natural dialogues to writer Lakshmi Bhupal.

అన్నీ మంచి శకునములే ఒక స్వచ్ఛమైన కుటుంబ కథా చిత్రం..నందిని రెడ్డి | Anni Manchi Sakunamule family story movie..Nandini Reddy , santosh sobhan , Nandini Reddy , Anni Manchi Sakunamule , Malvika Nair ...

Nandini refutes allegations that a major actor turned down the film due to a lack of action scenes. She said that no one rejected the picture and that no one requested her to insert fight scenes. According to Nandini, action cannot be featured in the story. Nandini also applauded music composer Mickey J Meyer for giving her film’s narration room. The film, produced by Swapna Dutt and Priyanka Dutt, will be released in theatres on May 18th.

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