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Heart Blockage: Ayurvedic Therapy Claims To Have Completely Cured Heart Blockage of a 50-year-old Man | Health News, Times Now

Ayurvedic Therapy Allegedly Achieves Full Recovery from Heart Blockage in a 50-Year-Old Man

A 50-year-old man has reportedly experienced complete recovery from heart blockage after undergoing Ayurvedic treatment for four months, as per the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA).

The individual, an auto driver, was diagnosed with a 95 percent blockage in his left anterior descending artery (LAD) following a heart attack in November 2022. After being admitted to Safdarjung Hospital for seven days and undergoing treatment, angiography revealed a 95 percent blockage in the LAD and a 70 percent mid-obstruction in the right coronary artery.

Despite doctors recommending stent treatment, financial constraints led the man, Avdhesh Kumar, to opt for Ayurvedic therapy instead.

Post-angiography, AIIA noted an 85-90 percent occlusion in the LAD due to a non-calcified plaque in segment 6, and a calcified plaque in segment 1 causing 5-10 percent occlusion in the RCA. Additionally, a non-calcified plaque in segment 2 caused 65-70 percent occlusion.

The Ayurvedic treatment involved Virechana, a Panchkarma therapy aiming to cleanse the body internally and eliminate toxins. Avdhesh underwent a three-month oral medication course, spending two weeks in the hospital and three months on oral medicines. Subsequent angiography revealed 0-5 percent occlusion in both LAD and RCA, indicating normalized levels.

Upon seeking treatment, Avdhesh had experienced difficulty walking due to chest pains and breathlessness.

LAD blockage occurs when fatty plaque accumulates in the LAD artery, leading to atherosclerosis. This condition can result in the complete blockage of the artery, causing a potentially fatal heart attack known as a widowmaker. Some individuals may have a naturally narrow or short LAD artery, increasing the risk of various cardiovascular issues.

Signs of LAD blockage include chest pain, cold sweats, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, breathlessness, and shoulder or arm pain.

To maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, individuals are advised to adopt a heart-healthy diet, limit alcohol consumption, engage in regular exercise, avoid unhealthy foods, and manage diabetes and blood pressure levels by reducing sugar and sodium intake.

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