Monday, May 27, 2024

Amazon sells controversial clothes hook cameras

Spy cameras disguised as clothes hooks are available for purchase on Amazon, despite the company facing legal action over these gadgets. The online marketplace features listings with images of the covert devices, including one positioned in a bathroom. Recently, a US judge ruled that Amazon must face a lawsuit filed by a woman who claims she was filmed in a bathroom using a clothes hook camera bought on the platform. The plaintiff argues that the use of such cameras should have been foreseeable to Amazon, seeking punitive damages against the company and other unnamed defendants.

A privacy expert highlights the potential violation of British laws through the misuse of these devices. Amazon has refrained from commenting on the issue. The legal action was initiated by a foreign exchange student who alleges she was secretly recorded in a bathroom using a camera purchased on Amazon. The company unsuccessfully attempted to have the case dismissed, asserting it wasn’t responsible for how the camera was used. Despite these controversies, similar cameras are found in listings, raising concerns about the potential misuse of such devices and their availability on the platform.

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