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All the new fashion launches to look out for this month

Jimmy Choo releases India-exclusive pumps for Diwali

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For all the shoe lovers out there, Jimmy Choo has got news for you. The global luxury brand is celebrating the festival of lights by introducing the India-exclusive Diwali edit for 2022. The brand is almost certain to make you feel festive this season, after all, what is Diwali without the shimmer of your ensemble and the clacking of your heels. Jimmy Choo brings the Bing 100 shoes and Bon Bon bag, all rendered in champagne sandy glitter fabric. The versatile design brings a perfect amalgam of sparkle and glamour to the table, that is sure to go with any Diwali outfit. So this festive season, bring the spotlight back on you and make a scene-stealing appearance wearing exclusive Jimmy Choo designs, that are sure to make a few heads turn. The line is now available across all Jimmy Choo stores in India.

Defining pieces of statement jewellery at Saffronart Kuruvilla

Festive Jimmy Choo heels to light up your Diwali and more here are the new fashion launches to look out for this month

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Saffronart’s auction of fine jewels will take you across rare pieces of jewellery curated specially for the festive season with heirloom gems that can be passed down generations. You can expect an incredible selection of defining pieces of jewellery having a versatile range of traditional designs that exude meticulous craftsmanship and opulent fine gems. Each lot showcased a spectacular line up of its own – from having emerald and diamond ‘Polki’ bracelet with kundan set rubies, Burmese ruby and diamond ring, emerald and diamond earrings and impressive emerald and diamond platinum necklace.

Be sure to check out the spectacular range of antique period jewellery dating back centuries ago, including period ‘Thuria’ earrings, period diamond and gold ‘Bajuband’, a pair of Gemset ‘Bangri’ and much more. Vogue chats with Minal Vazirani, the president and co-founder of Saffronart on her favourite pieces from the auction. As per the results, rubies were the ultimate gem of the auction with a ruby bead necklace and a pair of ruby and diamond earrings as the highest bids of the night. If you’re looking to find rare collectibles, keep an eye out for more such auctions at Saffronart.

Lot 3 – Emerald, Ruby and Diamond ‘Polki’ Bracelet

“This emerald, ruby and diamond polki bracelet boasts of phenomenal craftsmanship – complete with a stunning emerald at the centre, kundan set rubies, diamond polkis and a flexible multi-link chain bracelet that adds a sense of fluidity to the wearer’s wrist. The clasp features detailed granulation work, which lends itself to the form of the ornament. While this piece would have most likely belonged to a man from a noble or royal background originally, it is versatile enough to also be worn by women.”

Lot 36 – Set of Two Period Gold ‘Akota’ Earrings

Festive Jimmy Choo heels to light up your Diwali and more here are the new fashion launches to look out for this month

“Originally worn by the women of Saurashtra and Kutch over half a century ago, akota earrings are seldom found today – making this lot a scarce one and an absolute delight to have as a part of our auction. Much like the thuria earrings, this set is meant for stretched lobes, as this pair is larger than a person’s palm. Traditionally, akota earrings were made in silver or guilt silver — resulting in this gold set being a highly coveted piece.”

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“Deeply intricate ornaments such as these gemset bangri or bangles are more than just adornments – they speak volumes about their heritage. In this case, these exceptionally large bangles are an ode to the meticulous Marwari craftsmanship of the 1920s. And although these bangles feature many characteristics of that period, one cannot ignore the details that set this
particular pair apart – the multiple concentric circles in the body and the seed pearls along with kundan-set, colourless sapphires on the outer rim.”

Lot 66 – An Important ‘Borla’ or Forehead Ornament

Festive Jimmy Choo heels to light up your Diwali and more here are the new fashion launches to look out for this month

“A fundamental part of Rajasthani and Deccani culture, borlas are a quintessential matrimonial ornament. Seen in miniature paintings and mentioned in ancient texts, traditional borlas are round with a visible face set complete with gemstones.”

“Lot 66, however, is a modern rendition, featuring large rose-cut diamonds and a customised mathapatti, with a fringe of diamond briolettes. These briolettes, which graduate in size, are cut in hexagonal facets, allowing them to reflect light beautifully.”

Lot 114 – An Impressive Emerald and Diamond Platinum Necklace

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While Columbian emeralds are highly coveted for their near-perfect colour, Zambian emeralds come second to none. These jewels have earned quite a reputation thanks to their saturated bluish-green tone and clarity. The earrings of Lot 113 and the necklace of Lot 114 are absolutely bewitching, crafted from a magnificent collection of Zambian emeralds of an impressive size, set in platinum.

Lot 174 – Set of Three Jewelled Caps

An exquisite example of zari work, featuring beautiful floral motifs, these Hyderabadi topis are an impeccable example of embellished and adorned textiles.

While the auction of the silver and fine jewellery concluded on October 12, you can visit their website for the auction calendar to keep an eye on further hard-to-miss auctions.

Hemant Sagar and Didier Lecoanet launches new collection with an exhibit titled, ‘Another Look’ in Mumbai

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The award-winning designers Didier Lecoanet & Hemant Sagar from Genes Lecoanet Hemant hosted their collection launch at The Quorum, Mumbai along with an art installation. The designer duo known for their strategic cuts, tailoring, and dress-making savoire-faire have been the hallmarks of their design language across all their labels. The exhibit brings to light eight of Didier’s most recent works holding a very personal and sentimental value and pay homage to Didier’s beloved niece who passed away at a very young age. The label had transitioned its base from Paris to India and shifted its focus to producing ready-to-wear merging with Parisian artistry and Indian workmanship to reinvent signature classics for an urban wardrobe. Find them at the Genes flagship store at Phoenix, Palladium in Mumbai.

Contemporary fine jewellery from VAK Jewels debuts in New York

Festive Jimmy Choo heels to light up your Diwali and more here are the new fashion launches to look out for this month

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If you are someone that likes to keep it minimal and prefer understated wearable jewellery that is etched in femininity, your search ends here. Consistently pushing the boundaries of Indian jewellery craftsmanship, the Mumbai based fine jewellery brand- VAK will mark its debut at Bergdorf Goodman, New York. Designer Vishal Kothari is showcasing his signature collections this month, running up till October 23. The exhibit offers a palette of effortlessly daring designs combined with strong sculptural aesthetic and a contemporary edge. Their high artisanal handcrafted jewellery incorporate a distinctive edginess in all their collections at display, including Portrait, Arch of Heaven, Eternal Garden and many others.

Jewellery for the woman of the 21st century: Moksh reaches London


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Festive Jimmy Choo heels to light up your Diwali and more here are the new fashion launches to look out for this month

It’s time to update your festive outfits with the charm of jewels from Moksh as they unveil spectacular new designs from their signature collection. The Mumbai-based couture jewellery brand is making it’s debut at Objet d’Emotion by Valery Demure, PAD London 2022 from October 10 to October 16. Founder, Milan Chokshi will be personally sharing his contemporary creations at Booth Number C7 in the exhibition held till October 13. The thoughtfully curated showcase exhibits impeccably crafted and intricately designed jewellery that redefines glamour and style for the judicious women of 21st century. At PAD, they are looking up to unveil fifteen new designs including bracelets and tassel lariat necklaces alongside hoops, ear tops and band ring designs. Be sure not to miss it.

Fashion article courtesy by Piya  Dhiman



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