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Ajith Kumar gives a rider who planned his journey to Nepal a BMW superbike worth Rs 12 lakh.

Sugat Satpathy, a fellow rider and tour organiser, received a BMW superbike valued at Rs 12 lakh as a present from Ajith Kumar. The latter did so by praising the star on Instagram.

Ajith Kumar gifts BMW superbike to fellow traveller who organised his Nepal bike tour.

Ajith Kumar gifts BMW superbike to fellow traveller who organised his Nepal bike tour.

Ajith Kumar enjoys riding his motorbike and has explored the entire nation as well as Nepal, Bhutan, and some of Europe. Ajith made a kind gesture that has gone viral on social media as he prepares for the next part of his bike tour in November. Together with fellow tourist Sugat Satpathy, the actor from Thunivu traversed Nepal and Bhutan. Sugat organised his Nepal bike vacation, which ended on May 6. As a thank you, Ajith gave him a BMW superbike worth Rs 12 lakh.

Ajith Kumar recently launched his motorcycle touring company called AK Moto Ride. He completed his bike tour across India, Nepal and Bhutan as well.

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Sugat Satpathy, a traveller, revealed on May 23 that he had twice set up bike tours for Ajith, who surprised him by giving him a superbike worth Rs 12 lakh as a sign of respect.

“I got incredibly lucky at the end of the same year [2022], he wrote. I consider it a privilege to have interacted with Mr. Ajith Kumar, one of the biggest super stars in the Tamil film business. Also an enthusiastic cyclist who rides an adventure cycle with absolute style. Later, I planned a whole North-east journey for him, and we rode together on my dependable Duke 390, which was around ten years old at the time. After the ride, he vowed to join me on another tour of Nepal and Bhutan as part of his global travel itinerary. which we recently completed on May 6. We rode a tremendous amount of miles, made many lifelong memories, and enjoyed numerous stunning sunrises and sunsets.(sic).”

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