Thursday, June 20, 2024

Air India’s stylish crew uniforms

Air India has revealed its highly anticipated new uniform collection designed by Bollywood fashion icon Manish Malhotra. The collection, crafted in Malhotra’s Mumbai studio, boasts a range of colors and timeless styling inspired by India’s rich culture. Aimed at providing complete comfort and elegance for all crew members, including cockpit and cabin crew during long flights, the collection is set to be gradually introduced, coinciding with the arrival of Air India’s first Airbus A350.

Campbell Wilson, Air India’s Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, expressed confidence that Manish Malhotra’s innovative ensemble would mark an exciting chapter in Air India’s aviation history. Malhotra, in turn, conveyed his honor in contributing to the national flag-bearer’s image, aiming to capture India’s diverse culture and traditions while embodying a modern and sophisticated look in the uniforms.

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