A ray of HOPE


HOPE (Hold on Pain Ends), a Charitable Trust, started its service journey in 2014, the steering held by an IT Professional, Shri. Mahesh Parameswaran Nair is a senior system analyst working in the UST global, Thiruvananthapuram. Hope aims to promote social and environmental responsibility among the younger generation of our society, curb begging, enhance women Empowerment, be the shelter for the poor, sick, and needy. HOPE has a  robust volunteer base with more than 1500 volunteers spread across Kerala and other states of India. Their philanthropic services on educating the masses on social atrocities and helping lesser privileged children reach higher levels of education have ignited larger crowds to join their organization.

HOPE has changed millions of lives, providing shelter homes to many single mothers and their kids, rescuing and rehabilitating several homeless people. Hope has established two rehabilitation homes at Pathanapuram Gandhibhavan & adopted a slum of 52 families with basic infrastructure. The service sectors of Hope expands to Marriage assistance to the orphan windows, aids to old age homes, organizing of blood, Organ, Hair, Voice, Stem cell donation awareness & the Medical camps, Dress banks & Tribe welfare projects, and disaster management during floods.

During the pandemic, HOPE had brought back stranded nurses and students from Maharastra and Karnataka as part of the “BACK TO HOME program. ”

“When the entire world says ” Give Up, “HOPE whispers, “Try Again” !!!” Says Dr. Mahesh, the founder of HOPE.

-Vanessa Hunt-


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