Sunday, May 26, 2024

A fire devastates a car park at Luton airport.

Luton Airport has suspended all flights until the afternoon due to a major fire that engulfed a terminal car park. Flights are on hold until 15:00 BST as the fire caused significant structural damage to the multi-storey facility.

Approximately 1,500 vehicles in the car park may have been damaged by the fire. Four firefighters and an airport staff member were hospitalized after inhaling smoke, while another individual received on-site treatment.

The airport’s main focus is to support emergency services and ensure the safety of passengers and staff, which is why flight operations have been temporarily halted.

The fire, believed to be accidental, likely originated in a vehicle that arrived just before 21:00 BST when the incident began. Videos shared online depict massive flames and thick smoke billowing from the car park’s top level.

Bedfordshire Police has urged people to avoid the area.

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