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5 foreign cities where you may migrate for lakhs of dollars

It is extremely amazing that some nations in the globe are able to offer foreigners lakhs of dollars to move to their outlying cities. These are the 5 nations that do it.


1) Presicce -Acquarica, Italy

Presicce-Acquarica is providing up to Rs 26 lakhs to individuals wanting to move there and purchase a home, according to the  official website.


2)Island Cities, Ireland

You may be eligible for a grant of up to €50,000 (about Rs 44.8 lakhs) and a top-up grant sum of up to €20,000 (roughly Rs 18 lakhs) if you are “turning a vacant house or building into your permanent home or a rental property” under the empty Property Refurbishment Grant. There are, however, some prerequisites.


3)Albinen, Switzerland

According to Swiss Info, the government will give you about Rs 20 lakh if you’re a single person over 45, about Rs 40 lakh if you’re a married, and an additional Rs 8 lakh for each child to live there, albeit under certain restrictions.


4)Multiple Interior Cities, Portugal

The Portuguese government introduced an incentive programme in 2020 to encourage families and international workers to relocate to the less populous areas of the nation.

Foreign nationals and expatriates are encouraged to apply for one-time financial assistance under the Employment Interior Mais programme up to Rs 4,29,183, which includes a direct grant of about Rs 2,34,107 plus additional grants of 20% for each household member and relocation expenses.


5)Santiago, Chile

The Production Development Corporation, a government agency in Chile, operates a startup programme.

This program offers start-ups with an interesting idea up to INR 36 lakhs of equity-free seed capital, a 1-year work visa, and access to local financial and social networks.

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