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Sara, a girl who can’t see well, faces a terrible crime but bravely helps the police catch the person responsible. People question if there’s enough proof against the accused. Unlike a popular movie called Drishyam, Neru tells a more realistic story and is praised for being genuine. Yet, it still appeals to a wide audience. Jeetu Joseph, known for making sophisticated and exciting films, does it again with his latest. The movie not only gives a thrilling experience but also makes you feel deeply connected.
The story starts with Sara, played by Anaswara Rajan, who is blind. She uses her skills as a sculptor to create a clay model of the criminal, leading to the arrest of a young man. The plot then turns into a courtroom drama where the accused, from a rich and influential family, faces off against a blind girl’s testimony. The victim’s family seeks help from Vijayamohan, played by Mohanlal, who returns to the courtroom after five years.
The film keeps you hooked for 152 minutes, with powerful moments like Vijayamohan’s speech about women standing up against injustice and Sara talking passionately about consent. The characters, especially Sara and her parents, share touching and respectful relationships. Moments of humor are woven into the family’s sad story. The movie addresses important issues like evidence manipulation and the struggles of victims in court.
Mohanlal’s acting is outstanding, but the whole cast, including Santhi, Siddique, Priyamani, Jagadish, and Mathew Varghese, works together seamlessly. Anaswara impresses by showing vulnerability and strength. The film’s ending leaves a strong impression, revealing Sara’s face as a symbol of strength. The music by Vishnu Shyam fits well with the movie’s mood, and the cinematography by Satheesh Kurup captures the intensity and character emotions. In the end, the film prompts us to think about important issues, thanks to Santhi Mayadevi’s heartwarming role and Jeethu Joseph’s timely storytelling.

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