Saturday, July 20, 2024

LinkedIn is developing a product for video advertising that targets users of streaming platforms.

LinkedIn generates revenue from ad sales and subscriptions for recruiters, job seekers and sales professionals.

LinkedIn Working on Video Advertising Product to Target Streaming Platform Users | Technology News

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, announced on Thursday that it was developing a video advertising solution that would let advertisers target visitors to the professional networking site while they browsed streaming media.

In an effort to grow its advertising business during a period of economic uncertainty, LinkedIn has released AI technologies to aid marketers in creating ad content.

Penry Price, vice president of marketing solutions at LinkedIn, told Reuters that in-stream video advertisements might alter how businesses and consumers connect with and engage with their audiences.

As of the third quarter of the fiscal year 2023, LinkedIn’s trailing 12-month revenue was over $14 billion (approximately Rs. 1,14,700 crore), an 8 percent year-over-year growth.
The business makes money by selling ads and subscriptions to salespeople, job searchers, and recruiters.

The revelation was first published by The Information on Thursday

In the meantime, LinkedIn revealed on Tuesday that it will discontinue its final service offered in China due to “ferocious competition and a challenging macroeconomic environment”.

One of the few US technology businesses, LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, was able to successfully run a social media platform in China, where internet usage is strictly controlled.

In order to comply, the business created a special domestic variant of the locally operated career networking site.


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