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In the realm of Malayalam cinema, a remarkable jewel emerges in the form of “2018: Everyone is a Hero,” a poignant survival drama directed by Jude Antony and unveiled to audiences in 2023. The film skillfully unfolds its narrative against the backdrop of the devastating floods that struck Kerala in 2018. Director Jude Antony weaves a rich and immersive cinematic experience that explores a tapestry of diverse characters and intricately interwoven stories. At the core of the narrative is Anup, an ex-army officer whose significance to the plot is highlighted by his association with Bhasi, a visually impaired store owner. Jude delves into Anup’s romantic involvement with Manju, a teacher, seamlessly intertwining their love story within the broader context of a small town grappling with the aftermath of a catastrophic flood. Another narrative thread introduces us to Sethupathi, a truck driver, and Noora, a tenacious TV reporter, unveiling a subplot marked by a violent incident and subsequent explosive developments.


Jude Antony skillfully depicts the escalating tensions among dissatisfied protesters, deftly incorporating Sethupathi’s role in an unfolding violent plot. Simultaneously, the narrative sheds light on the challenges faced by Shaji, a government official tasked with overseeing disaster relief, including the mysterious disappearance of fishermen. Noteworthy is the director’s recognition of the pivotal role played by Mathachan, a fisherman, and his family, navigating internal conflicts and personal struggles while significantly contributing to the rescue operations. The narrative climaxes with an exploration of individual stories amid the chaos of the flood. Anoop, portrayed as the quintessential hero, engages in acts of unparalleled selflessness, collaborating with Air Force personnel, saving lives, and ultimately making the ultimate sacrifice during the rescue efforts. The film astutely emphasizes profound themes such as selflessness, heroism, and the profound impact of an individual’s actions on an entire community.


The cinematic journey concludes with a reflection on the resounding success of “2018,” both commercially and critically. Not only did it become the highest-grossing Malayalam film to date, but it also earned the distinguished honor of being India’s official entry for the Best International Feature Film category at the 96th Academy Awards. The Malayalam film commends the movie for its powerful cinematic experience, achieved through the seamless integration of personal relationships, societal issues, and the unwavering resilience of individuals confronting the ravages of a natural disaster. – WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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