Svaastika sets in new trend in webinars

Svaastika, an NGO with chapters worldwide operating for the last 6 years comes up with a novel idea to clear young minds of their boredom and seclusion during this pandemic with the introduction of team building fun webinars in schools, colleges and organizations.

Students were finding it really difficult to cope up with the new system of online learning. The fun of meeting friends, playing in groups and the trivial jokes cracked in class are all being missed. This has taken a serious toll in the mental wellbeing of the students.  Teachers on the other hand find it really difficult to keep the young minds engaged. With the pandemic running loose for more than a year now, the situation has only worsened on both ends. In order to amend this situation Svaastika brought in free fun webinars for school children.

The fun webinar included team building games, riddles quiz and other interactive group activities. These webinars saw a sudden burst of excitement among the students and teachers. The webinars were rated a total success by the school management and students. 96% of the parents gave 5 star rating for the fun webinar.

“The effects of the pandemic on mental health are far deeper than what is being said. As we struggle though such an era, it’s really hard to find even a single person who remain unaffected by COVID 19. Some are affected financial, some others physically and more so mentally. The lockdown, online learning and indoor inhabitations has started affecting our kid’s mental health in a negative way. We find more number of children taking counselling support for anger management, hyperactivity, aggression, mood swings, tantrum management and electronical device addictions. At the same time, we are unable to break their isolated routines and engage them in outdoor activities due to safety issues. Hence we came up with the idea of fun webinars for schools, colleges, offices and other organization to inculcate a healthier environment. The webinars conducted till now proved highly successful. We believe this is the best solution we can contribute to the society right now adhering to the protocols of the pandemic.” Says Ms. Sindhu Nandakumar, Consulting psychotherapist and founder trustee of Svaastika.

On June 15th 2021, Svaastika held an excellent session with 5th standard students of St. Shantal senior secondary school, Malamukal. The fun webinar was led by Aswathy Aravind, PR head of Svaastika and Aswin Mohan, volunteer of Svaastika. The students were so active and participated completely with all their efforts. Sr. Mini Puthumana (Principal of St. Shantal senior secondary school) gave an overwhelming positive review on the webinar.

“It was fun leading the webinar. Though we knew this would be a great idea to bring back the laughter and team spirit, the response we got from the children were much above our expectations. The enthusiasm shown by the children inspire us to do more similar webinars like these.  More organizations are coming up with request to conduct similar workshops. So we are also welcoming teenagers and grown-ups to join this program as volunteers. To enroll as a volunteer, please visit” says Aswathy Aravind, PR head at Svaastika.

“It was really encouraging to see the kids enjoying our webinar. Unlike online classes and talk shows, the kids were very energetic throughout. We are looking forward to launching more such webinars. This being the need of the hour, Svaastika invites schools, colleges or organizations to enroll for their free fun webinar to enhance team spirit and enthusiasm among students and employees respectively. To know more about the program and enroll please whatsapp at +91 7902494371” says Aswin Mohan, volunteer, Svaastika.

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