Thursday, June 20, 2024

Movie Review : Mulan

The first reactions for the long-awaited Mulan remake are in… and it’s good news!

The movie is the latest in a long list of classic Disney animations to be given the live-action treatment, but perhaps the first of its kind to deviate so significantly from its predecessor (in Mulan’s case no Li Shang, no Mushu and no musical numbers).

Directed by Niki Caro (The Zookeeper’s Wife) and starring Liu Yifei as the female warrior, the film made its official premiere on Monday night (March 9) to an overwhelmingly positive response.

Among other things, critics were quick to praise an iconic battle scene, a “steamy” romance and “plenty of throwbacks” to the original animation.

Dubbed a “more mature Disney film”, one critic even went so far as to call Mulan “one of the best live-action adaptations of a Disney animated classic”.

What did we tell you? Never underestimate Mulan.

Disney’s Mulan remake leaves a lot behind, but offers much more in its absence,” said one viewer.

“Plenty of 1998 throwbacks pepper a story full of incredible action, humour, and heart.”

“Very beautiful & epic cinematography,” added another.

“It had more fantastical elements than I expected. Overall, a great re-telling of the [animation] and very fun.”